8 Advantages Of Online Dating

The are both advantages and disadvantages of online dating, but overall I believe there are more pros than cons. Here are some of the advantages of using dating websites.

#1 Many potential matches in one place

The internet is now littered with dating sites. If you join of the better ones, you can have anywhere from dozens to hundreds of potential matches.

To find the most potential matches and give yourself the biggest chance of meeting someone you click with, you need to join one of the larger dating sites such as Match.com.

#2 Dating sites have filters

The search tools provided by dating sites allow you to give details about the women or men that you want to meet.

Maybe you want to find guys who are 5’10 or taller, between 30 and 40 years old, live within 100 miles, have no kids, and enjoy traveling. You can give all these details and often much more.

Keep in mind that the more narrowly defined your criteria, the less potential matches you’re likely to find.

Larger sites like Match.com and eHarmony.com are the best choices. They have such large databases that even if you have narrow criteria, you might still have many choices.

#3 Dating profiles give you insight

Ok, some profiles just plain suck. I mean seriously, a quality dating profile says something more than “I don’t know why I’m here, but I would like to meet somebody.”

But, the majority of dating profiles can give you true insight into a person.

You’ll have an idea what they look like (if they bother to include pictures, which they should).

If you look and read carefully, you can usually tell if someone just wants to date, just wants sex, or if they are looking for a lasting relationship.

Of course, some profiles do contain bogus information and/or misleading pictures. This is one of the drawbacks of online dating.

In general, the dating profile plus the exchange of emails and messages will often give you enough information to know if you should meet this person or take a pass.

#4 It’s great for the busy person

Maybe you’re a single parent. Maybe you work long hours. Online dating is a great way to meet new people if you lead a busy life.

If you have a data plan on your cellular phone, even better. Many dating sites now have mobile apps, so you can “date” on the go.

#5 It can be a cheaper way to meet singles

If you’re a guy in particular, online dating can be a cheaper way to meet women, or it can be more costly. But you can decide. Let me explain…

Going out all the time, you end up spending money on food and drinks. This adds up depending on how often you go out.

With online dating you can meet women while sitting at home in your boxers. However, if you’re going on weekly dates with women from dating sites, obviously your expenses are going to add up.

You can keep your costs down by carefully selecting who you choose to go out with. Or, you can also arrange dinner dates in your house or hers if there is enough comfort between you two.

#6 Distance is no obstacle

You can limit your search to your local area or you can expand it to the other side of the globe. It’s up to you.

There have been plenty of relationships that started online between people who live in different cities or even different countries.

With tools like email, instant messenger, and skype you can easily communicate no matter how far apart you are.

Or, maybe you’re not looking for something serious. There have been many short term long distance flings that started at dating sites. I’ve had several fun experiences myself.

In fact, the first two times that I flew were to see someone that I met at an online dating site. I met both women only once, but the experiences were unforgettable.

#7 Fear of rejection is (almost) eliminated

We all know one or two fearless people who will approach anybody anywhere, but the majority of people have trouble approaching strangers to express interest. Online dating is more impersonal, so you don’t have that same fear.

You just send a note or flirt to someone whose profile you like and hope they reply. BUT, you can’t take it too personal if you don’t receive a response! Just move on.

#8 You can form lasting friendships

Have you ever met someone that you have stuff in common with, but for some reason you didn't become lovers but became good friends?

This has happened to me several times at online dating sites. There may be times when you talk to people who share similar interests, but maybe you become good friends and nothing more.

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