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In Amateur Match's own words...

" is adult dating gone wild! Meet singles, couples, or groups in your area who are willing and waiting to explore erotic fantasies with you."

amateur match scam review

You can sign up for free or paid premium membership, but obviously it's wise to choose the free membership to take a look around the website first.

And that's just what I did. Here are my impressions...

I submitted my information (name, email, etc.) and declined an initial offer to upgrade to premium membership.

Right afterward I got a "Private Chat Request" from an 18 year old woman who wants to meet an older man.

Wow, I just got into the site!

Obviously they wanted to catch me while I'm hot and get me to upgrade immediately.

This I don't like, although from a business standpoint I'm sure it's a profitable maneuver.

The first thing that I look at when I want to know if a dating site is scam or not is the profile pictures.

I want to see how many of them look like hot 9s or 10s.

If there are too many, that's a warning sign for me. It means that the website owners have stuffed the website with hot chicks (models).

Well, passed this test, but not by much. I saw a few too many super sexy women and some profiles with professional looking photos.

But I also saw a good number of very average looking women, which is a good thing. It likely means there are many real women using the service.

This is the reason I feel reasonably comfortable telling you to consider trying the service.

If the website was full of attractive women (like some adult sites are), you know it's gotta be one big scam.

There were a couple of things that I did not like...

For one, there is no visible "Last Login" date. How do I know which women are actively using the website?

And how can I measure how many good active prospects there are in my area?

But you are allowed to search and sort the list by "Last Online." I would still rather see the last usage date or time clearly displayed.

Another thing is that you can't try advanced searches unless you upgrade your membership.

I can understand limiting my ability to contact members, but I feel like I should be able to at least try the search tools to better evaluate things before I pay.

The second thing I look for when evaluating scam is if I start immediately receiving interest notifications or messages from "interested" women.

Adult dating sites pull this all the time. They blast out these automated messages to get you excited enough to whip out your credit card and buy a membership.

Well I didn't immediately receive any such notifications, but that doesn't mean I won't receive fake notices in the near future.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

UPDATE: It's been about 4 days since
I wrote this review and I have started to
receive messages.

My profile hardly has any information and
no picture, so I know they're bogus messages.

It could be women that want to me to pay for webcam shows,
or it could be pre-programmed automated messages.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When it comes to adult dating sites, in some cases these are women who will try to lure you into paying for a webcam show or something.

In other cases these phony notifications are automated or they're sent by people who get paid by the site owners.

But anyway, the obvious purpose is to get you to upgrade to paying customer.

So my advice to you is if you're going to try the service, don't join because of notifications you receive in your mailbox or while logged into the site.

I believe is a better service, but I also believe that is worth a serious look to find casual sex.

Extra Features

Amateur Match is a full blown entertainment site.

Besides the online dating component, you can watch live cam shows, click a link leading to live sex shows, games (with names like Anal Invaders and Asstroids), and participate in the dirty chat rooms.

Premium Membership Features

- Send unlimited number of emails.

- Full use of Chat Rooms.

- View members private collections of racy pictures.

- Get more exposure for your profile so you get noticed more.

- Use the 'Advanced Search' options to perform specific searches

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