Where To Find Baptist Singles Online

I tried a search for Baptist dating services on the internet, but I couldn’t find any really good ones. But, I did find some websites that you can use to find Baptist singles online.

Make sure you read my short reviews of each service, then choose one that you think you want to use.

baptist dating site


ChristianMingle.com is the best Christian dating site. It has the combination of a huge Christian singles community and quality features.

Let me first tell you how you’re going to find the Baptist members in the website. It’s super easy.

First you’ll create a dating profile that will be added to ChristianMingle. It’s free, and it should only take you a few minutes.

Next, you’ll notice a link that says Search. You need to click on it.

With a basic search, you can only find members of a certain age.

But you want to find Baptist singles specifically, so click on Advanced Search.

In the Advanced Search options, you can add preferences like location, appearance, background information, and more to your search.

In the section that says “Church Raised In”, check the box next to Baptist. This way you'll find all Baptist singles on the website.

Click here and search for single Baptists in your area.


I hate the name of the website, but I LOVE the service itself.

BigChurch.com is an attractive website with great matchmaking features.

I really like the Deal Breakers section. You will see a list of attributes, and you have to choose the ones that you know would make you incompatible with a person.

For example, if you’re a neat freak you can select “Extremely messy” as a quality that you don’t want to have in a partner.

There are optional sections that you can complete to be matched on a deeper and more personal level. These include

Values & Ideals -- You’ll take a short assessment test about your core values.

My Life -- Add your favorite hobbies, if you have pets, and other “stuff” for compatibility in day to day interests.

My Testimony -- You can share who you are, what you're about and what you're looking for.

Click here to try BigChurch.com.


ChristianCafe.com is another one of the internet's top Christian dating services.

Like the other services here, you will have to take similar steps to find Baptist men or women.

First you will complete your dating profile.

TIP: If you’re serious about finding a partner, you always want to clearly define what you’re looking for and definitely include pictures.

Next, you’ll use ChristianCafe’s set of search tools to find Baptist members.

I don’t have exact statistics, but ChristianCafe probably does not have as many members as the other services. But it’s big enough to where I would say you can give it a shot.

Go to ChristianCafe.com.


ChristianCupid.com is a great internet dating site. It’s too bad that it doesn’t have the same volume of members that the other services have.

If you’re willing to initiate a relationship with someone outside of your local area, ChristianCupid is a service you might consider.

If you don’t live in a really big city, you might not be able to find many potential compatible matches.

But then again, all it takes is one special person…

Try ChristianCupid.com here.

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