As I type this review, is one of the 300 most visited websites online. That means that the website receives thousands of monthly viewers and new applicants.

It's not one of my favorite adult websites, but after my review I came away thinking BeNaughty is actually worth taking a chance on.

You'll find out why if you read my whole write up.

be naughty review

First thing I did was set up a free account.

Almost immediately I started getting hit with new text chat messages every couple of minutes, supposedly from women who are interested in me.

So I clicked the Text Chat button to reply, and I was taken straight to a sign up page.

Aha, so the text alerts are obviously meant to entice me to whip out the credit card.

I don’t like this tactic. It’s kind of a scam thing to do.

In addition, I also received four emails during the review.

Wow, lots of attention for a guy who has a generic profile with no photos posted.

Anyway, time to try some searches…

There is a basic search tool and an advanced search module. The advanced search is pretty good.

With it you can earch within a specific age group, sexual orientation, build and height, choose one or more racial groups, and some other choices.

Ok, now to examine the profiles and pictures…

I’m glad to see that many of the pictures are of ordinary looking women. You know something is wrong when 70 to 80 percent of the dating profiles have pictures of jaw dropping hot women.

Can you say fake?

Don’t get me wrong – I did see these types of photos at BeNaughty.

But, a good amount of the pictures looked like average women, which is a pretty good sign that there probably are lots of women actually using the service – hot women and not so hot women.

Of course if you want to snag one of the hot members, you're going to have to put in some work because they obviously receive the most attention from other members.

Extra Interesting Features

- Find only new members at the click of a button. You want to use this because you can catch members before they get bombarded with messages from other members.

- Chat rooms offer an alternative way to meet people through the site.

- BeNaughtyChat software is similiar to MSN Messenger or Skype. Chat with "friends" you've made through the website and much more. In fact, with the software you don't even need to visit the website.

- There is a very cheap 3 day trial offered. This is a bit unique as most dating sites have no such offer. Just be careful if you try it. Make sure you cancel before the trial is over if you don't want to join the service.

Final Thoughts

I advise you to go ahead and sign up for free and evaluate the service for yourself, or see my list of preferred sex dating services and try one of those.

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