The Best Internet Dating Services

Instead of telling you what the best internet dating service is (because there is no one best service), I’m going to tell you what the best service is based on what you're looking for.

So, here is my list of the best dating services in several major categories. First, tell me what you're looking for...

I’m looking for a serious relationship

I just want to date casually

I’m looking for strictly physical relationships

Best Serious Relationship Dating Services

I chose the following three services for you because they have large and diverse singles communities and great matchmaking tools.

best internet dating service

eHarmony calls itself a Relationship Services Provider (as opposed to a regular dating site).

So if you’re not very, very serious about starting a long term relationship, don’t even consider eHarmony.

The first thing you will have to do is complete a detailed but fun questionnaire about your personality, values and life interests.

After you finish, eHarmony’s patented Compatibility Matching System will start working on your behalf. Your answers will be used to match you with members with whom you will likely be able to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with.

Each member is required to complete the questionnaire, so the majority of members are as serious as you are about finding love.

There is no guarantee that you’ll find love through eHarmony or any other dating service, but the large volume of members coupled with the matching system certainly increases your odds.

Take the test and review your matches for free.

top dating website

I have reviewed dozens of dating sites. I believe that because of it's combination of features and enormous database of singles, is the best internet dating service.

Match can help you find a compatible partner because of two major qualities: strong matchmaking technology and the large community of singles that it has.

The matching system from point A to Z isn’t as comprehensive as that of eHarmony’s, but it’s certainly stronger than 99.9% of other dating services.

If you’re a woman reading this, here’s something you might appreciate…

In 2011, began a process to cross-reference members against the National Sex Offender Registry (eHarmony does this as well).

To try for free, click here. is sort of a hybrid between and

eHarmony uses a patented system of matchmaking, but members do not search for their own matches. The system takes care of all that. members are able to search for matches. gives you the search capabilities of with a matching system that resembles eHarmony’s (you begin by completing a lifestyle questionnaire).

The drawback is that PerfectMatch doesn't have the internet traffic rankings of Match and eHarmony, so there won't be as many singles.

I would suggest that if you're going to limit your search to your local area, go with Match or eHarmony as they're likely to have a larger variety of singles.

If you are open minded about possibly meeting someone outside your immediate area, it wouldn't be a bad idea to try

Best Casual Dating Services

I’m going to recommend three services that were chosen because they’re popular, have tons of members and have great features.

The biggest plus that you’re going to get with is that there are sooo many members. Joining Match gives you immediate access to a huge pool of available people.

Although it markets itself as a relationship service, there are many members just looking for casual dating.

Find out whose in your local area.

If you’re looking for a little bit more than purely physical relationships, skip to the next option. is an adult oriented dating site with one purpose: to connect members who are only looking for very casual dating (sex).

Click here for passion. is a beautifully designed website complete with lots of features like a mobile app, various chat rooms, and quality on site search tools to help you find your better matches.

Above all, has millions of subscribers. More subscribers equals more potential dates for you.

Free members are not able to read entire profiles or view all member photos, so I encourage you to try the 3 day trial offer if you are interested in the service.

Go to

Strictly Physical Dating

I've selected three of the top adult dating websites on the internet. Each one of these sites has thousands of men and women who are looking for no strings relationships.

I remember being in my early 20s (about 15 years ago) and looking for naughty sites on the internet. One of the first websites that I found was

The service has been active for years. Heck, it was probably AdultFriendFinder that started online sex dating. has been one of the most popular websites for years, and that will not be changing anytime soon.

Click here to have a look at the goods. is the perfect name for this service. It's tagline is "Discreet Sex and Romance for Married People."

I've reviewed many of these types of sites where they obviously post a bunch of fake profiles. Log in to NoStringsAttached, scan a bunch of their profiles and you see that many look like real women looking for some action.

I’ve written a detailed review here or you can go right to the website. is a very good third option to find bedroom partners online. draws many visitors to its website, and it also has members from its mother site

So you can be sure that there are thousands upon thousands of members, and there just might be many living right in your neighborhood.

Click here to find out.

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