The Best Christian Dating Websites

In the earlier days of the internet, there were only general dating sites made for everyone. But now, single Christians can use dating sites that were created just for them.

In this article I'll be sharing my top picks for best Christian dating sites. These services all have little differences, so take five minutes and review my comments about each before you settle on one.

christian dating website is the most popular Christian dating web site. But it's not only a popular website; it's also a high quality service.

There are thousands of personals ads and lots of features like chat rooms, instant messenger to chat with singles through the website, a searchable online Bible, and much more.

Having lots of singles is nice, but ChristianMingle also provides the necessary tools to find people that you have things in common with.

I've recently seen new commercials being run by Christian Mingle, so I'm sure there will be thousands of more single men and women using the service as a result.

It's free to try Christian Mingle.

online dating for christians

Christian Cafe

ChristianCafé.com has been connecting single Christians online since 1999.

It's a beautifully designed website that is packed with all the features you would expect a quality dating site should have.

A real plus is that many of the profiles contain a lot of details about the person and what they're looking for.

This gives you a good feel about someone before you even make contact with them.

I ran a comparison of the internet traffic between and Without going into boring details, my findings told me that you're probably going to find more matches at ChristianMingle.

That's not to say that ChristianCafe isn't a good service, because it is. You might even want to think about joining both services to give yourself a huge pool of potential matches.

Click here to try

best christian dating site

There are thousands of single Christian men and women using Match to try to find a partner.

I like the strong matchmaking component that is part of the system. It's designed to help match members that are similar in multiple ways. members answer a series of questions about their lifestyle, personality, personal interests, and what they want in a partner. This helps you know a great deal about a person before you even have your first conversation.

It may not be an all Christian dating website, but I strongly recommend you give Match a try.

View photos of Christian singles in your local area for free.

I evaluated some other services for this article, but most of them were junk. You're better off joining one of those three websites listed here.

Here's a little more information in case you need it to help you choose.

Christian Mingle

For multiple reasons, Christian Mingle is one of the best Christian dating sites.

In addition to hundreds of personals ads, you’ll find features like chat rooms, instant messenger, message boards, the Bible verse of the day, an online Bible, and many other features.

Christian Mingle has all the search options I like to see in a dating site. You can search by physical features, distance from your location, newest members, and many other choices.

You can even search by church denomination.

I also like that you can search using keywords. For example, if you want a partner who likes to travel, type “travel” in the search field to find Christian singles that enjoy traveling.

All these search options save you time by helping you eliminate everyone who doesn’t meet your criteria.

The “Think You’d Click” button is a cool addition. Click on the button and the system will automatically bring up men or women who you could be a match for.

Set up a free profile here.

Christian Café has been around since 1999, making it one of the oldest and best Christian dating sites online.

The site is very well done. I love the design as well as the numerous features.

You can search for men or women by age, location, physical characteristics, church denomination, level of faith, and level of church involvement.

You can chat with other singles using private email or the instant message feature before you decide to exchange personal contact details.

After you've set the criteria that you want to see in your matches, the service will email you when new Christians join that meet your criteria.

With hundreds of new singles joining every day, don’t be surprised if you receive emails often.

A free trial is offered, but paying members have full use of chat rooms and audio plus video instant messaging.

Christian Café does have a simple request: "if you are legally married please do not join our site."

Get started with your free profile here.

Christians at

Although it's not a Christian dating site, there are a lot of Christians at

You might actually find more single Christian men and women at Match than the other websites because of the large volume of members.

When you perform searches, all you have to do is put a check mark by “Christian” in the Background section to eliminate singles who are not of Christian faith.

I tested this myself and found a decent number of singles in my area.

Try some searches for free.

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