Dating Site Tips: Tips for choosing and using online dating sites

Some people fail at online dating while others succeed. Use the tips in this article and you will dramatically increase your odds of success.

#1 Join The Right Dating Site

Here are some rules you should follow to help you choose the right dating site:

Choose the right kind of dating site.

There are websites that cater to different preferences and lifestyles.

For example, if you’re done playing the field and want a long term relationship, use one of the popular online matchmaker services.

If you only want no strings attached physical relationships, try an adult dating site.

You can also try a dating site based on your interests and lifestyle. See the categories to the left for ideas.

Make sure there are enough singles to contact.

99% of all dating sites let you set up a free profile to evaluate the service. The first thing you want to do is try some searches within your desired area.

The more personals ads that pop up within your area, the better your odds are of finding someone you might click with.

The dating site that most likely has lots of singles in your area is

Make sure you can see the "last login" date.

Some dating sites display the "last activity" or "last login" date on each profile, and some don’t. It's better if you can join a dating site that makes this information known.

A website can have thousands of members, but this is useless if many of them aren’t actively using the site.

If the last activity date is shown on the profiles, you'll know if the website has many active members or not.

#2 Build A Great Profile

A dating profile should…

- highlight your most important values and preferences
- clearly explain what you’re looking for
- have recent, quality pictures

It's important to be absolutely clear about your objectives. Tell people exactly why you joined and what you’re looking for.

See this article for more profile tips.

#3 Be Patient and Persistent

Many people criticize online dating when they fail to get what they signed up for. They tend to call it a scam or claim that it doesn’t work.

The truth is that online dating does work. The proof is in the pudding. Thousands of people form new relationships and friendships through dating sites every day.

Many married couples have met each other at an online dating site. My sister is engaged to a man she met at a dating site.

However, not 100% of the people who try online dating will have a fairy tale story to tell.

Some people meet someone special fairly quickly, for others it takes months. Some just give up after a few lousy dates.

You have to be prepared to give it some effort.

Men especially tend to complain about contacting many women and not getting responses. This is quite typical. Some women (especially attractive ones) get flooded with messages every day.

Comes with the territory.

There's a chance that you might have to contact 20 women to get two or three replies. Persistence is necessary.

Now, put these dating site tips to good use. I don't promise you success, but I do promise you better odds.

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