5 Disadvantages Of Online Dating

I believe that online dating has many advantages, but there are some clear disadvantages.

The disadvantages mostly center around deception. And deception comes in multiple forms at online dating sites…

#1 Dating profiles are made to impress

Typically, a person chooses to highlight all their great qualities. What they don’t mention is that they have a bad temper, or that they’re extremely jealous, or very sloppy, or obnoxious, etc.

I think one of your first questions should be ”What bad stuff did you leave out of your description?” You can ask in a playful way, but ask!

If he or she can't point out one flaw, they’re full of shit to say it bluntly. Your best bet is to end all communications. EVERYBODY has good and not-so-good qualities.

#2 Some daters post fake or misleading photos

“Are your photos recent or from 10 years ago?” You must ask if the photos are recent! Ask humorously to deflect some of the awkwardness.

If there are only one or two photos posted, ask them to send you more. Or ask to befriend them on Facebook if they have photos there.

#3 Cheaters use dating sites

Not everyone who claims to be single is single. Some online daters have a spouse or a boyfriend or girlfriend.

If they’re married, this should be easy for you to sniff out.

They’ll be real secretive and mysterious or their availability will be spotty.

#4 Scammers love dating sites

Scammers know that there are lonely people who they feel they can (and often do) manipulate into sending money or material items.

They create profiles with phony photos. Their profile descriptions will paint them as a great person who just wants to give and receive love.

Scammers normally give themselves away by saying all the perfect things and showing an incredible amount of interest very early on. If you pay attention, you’ll know that something is just not right.

So if somebody tells you that you’re the “one” they’ve been looking for, and you’ve only known them for three days, tell them they’re full of shit and end all communications immediately.

I’ve written much more about online dating scammers.

#5 Trust is too easily given

There’s nothing like being able to look into a person’s eyes and feel their energy when you’re interacting with them.

It can be too easy to start trusting a person you talk to online because you can’t see or feel if there are any negative vibes.

It’s easy to get caught up in the words of an online smooth talker.

Don’t allow yourself to develop too much interest until you have some conversations on webcam, or better, meet face to face.

And those are my five disadvantages of online dating. Armed with your common sense and intuition, you can avoid falling prey to the liars and cheaters.

I believe the pros outweigh the cons of online dating. Here are some of the advantages.

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