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In your online search for your Filipina bride, I'm going to explain why you should start with A Foreign Affair.

To be clear, it's not one of these mail order bride services. You will find your potential Filipina bride online or you can meet her in the Philippines on a Romance Tour (which I will explain shortly).

Here are the simple steps that you'll take when you use the services...

#1 Sign Up

It doesn't cost you anything to set up an account at the website.

#2 Perform Searches

At the company's dating website, you'll find search functionality that will enable you to comb a database of 1000s of single women.

#3 Contact Women

Contact women that you like. You will have various options to connect with women that you are interested in.

#3 Meet Women

There are a couple of ways to do this...

If you really form a connection with one woman, you can make arrangements to meet her in person.

The second and probably the better option you will have is to go on a Romance Tour to the Philippines.

You will travel to the beautiful country of Philippines and attend various social events set up by A Foreign Affair. During the festivities, you will meet multiple available women face to face.

Tours are well organized and include daily scheduled fun events like dinner parties, day excursions, etc.

A Foreign Affair currently conducts tours in the cities of Davao and Cebu.

Read my complete comprehensive review of the services or go straight to the company website.

filipina mail order bride

Cherry Blossoms is another company that can help introduce you to your potential Filipina bride. is less costly than A Foreign Affair, but you're also not going to have as many tools to help you in your search for a wife.

Cherry Blossoms is essentially an internet-only dating service (and it's not mail order). At this point the company does not organize singles tours to Asia or any other place.

However, you will find some optional services that you can use to help erase some of the difficulties of the immigration process (provided you find a woman that you want to be with).

Try a search and you will instantly see thousands of women from many cities - Manila, Davao, Cebu city, and dozens of others.

You'll have a big list of ladies of all ages - younger girls (over 18) or mature women. Take your pick.

See my whole review here.

filipino bride service

Another place on the web for you to look is

You can do live chat with ladies through, but you should be very careful when you use this option.

Costs can add up by using the live chat feature, so you need to have your thinking cap on when engaging in chat.

For example, watch out for a woman who tells you something like she has been dreaming of a man like you during your first or second conversation.

Some foreign women use this technique when they're trying to capture a man with money or trying to obtain a green card.

Use Asian Beauties or any other service with caution.

Go ahead and try some free searches.

filipina bride is not a marriage oriented service, but you can definitely find Filipinas who are looking to become a bride.

The website has some qualities that I like and some that I dislike.

I'll give you the good stuff first...

Filipino Friend Finder has hundreds of thousands of ads of single Filipinas.

The basic service is pretty cheap, but costs can grow depending on how many of the optional features you add.

Now the bad stuff....

The website has a sloppy layout which makes it unfriendly to navigate, but I'm sure you could get accustomed to it after awhile.

Also, the free sample membership option only gives you a limited introduction to the services. I think free members should be able to use a little more than they're currently able to.

But the main thing is that you'll have a decent shot at finding a woman that you like because of the huge pool of singles.

Go to Filipino Friend

filipina brides

A general Asian dating site where you can find Filipinas is

There are a couple of different ways for you to search.

One is to try basic searches and select "Philippines" for the location.

The second way is to do advanced searches and choose "Any" as the location. You'll need to select "Philippines" as the nationality, and you'll instantly see a list of Filipino women that are living in any country.

You can find your potential future bride by only searching for women that are looking for marriage.

Try some searches for free if you want to check out the service.

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