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David DeAngelo, master pick up artist and author of Double Your Dating, says he is often asked for his advice for how men should behave around women. A lot of the questions tend to focus on the first date.

According to David, there is a common mistake that most guys tend to make during that crucial first date.

The Mistake That Almost All Guys Make

Double Your Dating

David says that there is a key difference in how a man and a woman thinks and acts when they meet each other.

A woman’s thinking can normally be characterized this way:

“You’re an interesting man. I want to know more about you and see where things can go.”

Men usually think in a way that is similar to this:

“I am very interested in you and it makes me nervous. I’m already thinking of you as a potential girlfriend (or wife, or at least a one-night stand).”

Women get nervous too, but women are a little more casual and easy going on first dates.

In the mean time, guys tend to wonder if a woman can be a potential future wife (especially if she's hot). Or, they spend most of the time hoping to get her in bed at some point (preferably that first night).

This is the root cause of all the nervousness and first date pressure.

Here’s a very simple way to solve this common problem:


David gives you plenty of tips and advice for getting rid of this issue in his eBook Double Your Dating.

For example, David says that you should assume that each woman has some quality that will annoy or bother you enough to mess up her chances with you.

And why does he tell you to do this?


According to David, it’s a fact that most women are not totally compatible long term partners for most men. So even if you do get into a serious relationship with a woman, most likely she’s going to possess some qualities that you don’t like.

David teaches men to be both cocky and funny when dealing with women. One of his favorite examples or themes to follow is “You’re messing up your chances to win me over."

Here’s an example…

You’re walking with a girl that you’ve met to sit down for a cup of coffee. Assume that you just met her the day before, got her number, and you’ve decided to meet for coffee.

As you’re walking, she trips over something in the sidewalk, the café doorway or perhaps she spills some of her coffee.

You can look at her, shake your head and say “Sorry, I usually don’t date clumsy women” or “You know, I don’t think this relationship is going to work.”

Those are two examples of cocky but funny replies.

You’re communicating the very opposite of desperation or the mentality that “You could be a potential girlfriend.”

What you’re saying is “I’m so confident and comfortable that I can make fun of you without caring what you might think of me.”

David admits that this approach might sound crazy, but he challenges you to try the cocky and funny approach, as well as the other techniques he outlines in Double Your Dating.

The Ultimate First Date Technique

And it isn't really a technique…

David says just spend time having regular conversation and being yourself.

In other words, just be in the moment.

Be cocky and funny, enjoy yourself, and demonstrate that you really don’t care how things turn out.

By doing this, things are way more likely to go further than if you act like she could be your future wife. You wind up acting so nervous or desperate that you turn her off.

Relax and stay cool. Make jokes about her messing up her chances to win you over. Look for her qualities that annoy you and playfully point them out (in a strong and cocky but funny way).

About Double Your Dating

In David’s ebook, he offers tips and advice starting from how to approach, to the first date with dos and donts, and all the way to the bedroom or beyond.

He’ll teach you how to overcome limiting beliefs you might have about women, how to approach women without fear, and how to make women feel attracted to you, even if you don’t have a fat bank account or movie star looks.

Here’s a link to Double Your Dating.

P.S. The tips in Double Your Dating can work whether you're looking for sex on the first date or a full blown relationship.

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