Review - Indian Dating, Friendship, Romance is India's best social networking site with hundreds of thousands of members. Besides using Indian dating services, can also be used to meet single people online.

indian social networking is a great website to make friends and to potentially find someone special.

You’ll start by creating your own “Zone.” It will be your personal space on Fropper.

You can share lots of stuff about you - your interests, hobbies, favorite books, artists, etc.

You can also customize your Zone page by choosing an overall look that best fits your personality.

There are many privacy controls that let you decide what you want to show and to whom.

You can contact members through chat or messages. You can also join groups with like minded people who share your interests.

You can post to your own ezBlog, which is your personal diary. You can also make money by blogging on

Even if you join one of the Indian dating services, you might also want to join to meet people and have fun.

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