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I tried an online search for dating sites for gay black men only, but I didn't really find any quality choices. However, there are some dating sites that you can use to meet gay and bisexual black men online.

gay black men

Each one of the following dating services has search options that you can use to find black men who are gay.

Nobody would think of as a dating site to find gay black men, but I verified that you definitely can.

I didn't find a ton in my area (Chicago), but this is going to vary depending on what city you search. Here's what you have to do...

After you post your free profile, first thing you need to do is try a search and make sure to select "I am a man looking for men."

Second, choose "Black / African descent" for the race category.

In just a matter of seconds, the system will show you the gay black men that are within the area where you searched.

It kind of goes without saying that you're going to get the best results if you choose a larger area. Obviously, you'll find more guys by searching within 100 miles of your area than you will if you looked within a 20 mile radius.

Try it out and see what you find. is website more geared toward the guys that want quick hook ups with other guys, so don't visit the website if that's not the kind of thing you’re looking for.

The good news about is that it has a huge database of men looking to meet men.

The bad news is that unless you pick up a full membership, you can’t use the search option to limit your search to just the black men.

But if you live in an area with lots of gay men like Atlanta, Washington D.C., etc, it might be pretty easy for you to find a black man.

So you can start by joining for free. If you like what you see, upgrade and gain an all access pass to try the entire website, use all the convenient search options and contact all guys that attract you.

If you're interested you can get your free pass to see what’s happening. is another major player in the world of online gay dating.

Unfortunately, you can’t find only the black men in the database unless you first upgrade your membership.

But, it may be worth a gamble because is a top gay dating site.

The website has to have thousands and thousands of men paying for the service. How else would ManPlay be able to afford to create the elaborate introduction that you see at the website?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll see if you decide to go to the website.

Grab your free profile for a small taste of what’s offered. Upgrade for the ability to find only the African American men in the database and contact anybody you want.

Here’s another link to the website.

Here are some other choices to potentially find gay black men. – This one is another choice by the same company that developed It’s a high quality gay dating site, but once again you need the full membership to filter out all men except the black ones. Link to the website. – Are you looking for love? Next to probably, is the best choice here if you want a serious relationship.

Actually, is owned by Compared to Match, Chemistry is a premium matchmaker service.

It’s a bit more expensive but may be worth it if you truly want to find your one and only. Go to – I don’t really like the plain look of the website, but it serves its purpose as an online meeting place for gay men.

Good news is that you can use all search options without paying anything. So you can actually see a count of the black men without paying. Click for – This service is not limited to men, but lots of gay and bisexual men use the website to find guys. Link to the website.

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