HornyMatches.com Review

SCAM CHECK SUMMARY: If you want to be visually stimulated, join Horny Matches.com. If you want to actually get sex, check elsewhere. I recommend NoStringsAttached.com.

Upon my review of Horny Matches, I can conclude that it's not a complete scam, but I will not give the service a strong recommendation. Read on if you want the details...

horny matches review

When you set up your HornyMatches.com profile, it's the same as any dating service - you include your basic information such as name, gender, and what you're looking for.

When you perform a search of the database for men or women, you select whether you're looking for a man, woman, couple, gay or lesbian couple, or TS/TG/TV.

You also have a whole slew of selections to choose from in terms of what you're searching for - erotic chat or email, 1-on-1 sex, discreet relationship, group sex, bondage & discipline, cross dressing, fetishes, and there are a few other juicy choices.

After you specify their age range where they should live in proximity to you, the fun begins when you click the Search button....

This is where big bright red flags started waving with intensity…

Out of the first 20 results of my search, 18 of the women were either hot or decent looking.

And not one fat chick.

Ok, so that's the first page of results. What about the second set of 20?

Wow, more of the same! An incredible ratio of decent to great looking women!

Seems to good to be true. And of course it cannot be true…

Of course there are thousands of hot women out there using adult dating hook up websites to find men (and women), but come on…

It's unrealistic for any dating site to have a greater number of hot women than ugly and average looking women.

Also, within a half hour of me setting up my complimentary profile, I received a "wink" from a blonde cutie.

Really? A cute blonde is awake at 7:30 in the morning looking for guys at a casual sex website?? And she's interested in me, a guy who has a lame profile with no photos?

In fairness to Hornymatches.com...

The terms and conditions section at the website gives members the real scoop on what's going on…

"We aim to entertain and amuse you – and in order to enhance your enjoyment of the time you spend with us, we will employ technical means to engage you in the simulation of flirting with and discovering other attractive people. If we do it well, you may never be able to tell that we are doing it or know when it happens."

So you can't say you weren't warned. And no one can claim deception.

It's all in the terms and conditions, the section where most of us tend to ignore.

I'm not necessarily against using props to enhance the image of a website, but come on...

When nearly every profile and photo appears to be fake, I think that's over kill.

So if you want to take your chances and dig for the real women at the site (which I'm sure there are hundreds of real ones), be my guest.

If you want to actually get some action, you'll probably have better odds at NoStringsAttached.com.

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