How To Attract Hot Women

How To Attract Hot Women

David DeAngelo, author of the ebook for men Double Your Dating, has studied how to attract hot women. And he says you can do this no matter what you look like or how much money you have.

David has spent time studying psychology and human behavior, and this has helped give him an edge in understanding the psychology of women and people in general.

He says that one of the crucial mistakes he made early on was having the belief that attraction works the same way for women as it does for men.

So David wore nice clothes, did nice things for women, and in general he was a nice guy. As a matter of fact he says he was “accomodating to the extreme.”

He says he did whatever women wanted and even allowed himself to be manipulated.

And it didn’t work.

The conclusion he came to was that he’s not attractive enough, or doesn’t have enough money, or something…

No matter what he did – be the nice, sweet and “good” guy, beautiful women didn’t respond to him in a sexual way.

Naturally, he thought “it must be me.”

The good thing that David did was keep searching for answers. He made friends with guys who were having success with hot women and he learned by observing them.

Double Your Dating

The huge revelation that struck him was that men are attracted (initially) to physical qualities and women tend to have a stronger attraction to personality traits.

Most men are instantly attracted to a hot body or beautiful face. You being a man, you obviously realize that the attraction is instant and automatic.

Of course women are attracted to physical traits as well, but this trigger is not as strong in most women as it is in men.

The attraction for women really grows when they have an opportunity to interact with a man. They are drawn and attracted to certain traits.

In general, men tend to be predominantly visual creatures.

Women develop a strong attraction and connection with men based on what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Do you realize what this means?

It means that any man can have more success than he currently has by making some changes on how he interacts with women and how he carries himself.

In fact, David teaches men how to use a mix of humor, body language and other elements to attract more females. He does this through his ebook and DVD courses.

David does not suggest that age, appearance, finances, popularity, power, etc. don’t factor into a woman’s attraction for a man.

Unless you’re totally naïve, you know that these things count for something.

But David says these qualities are not NEARLY as important as guys feel they are.

Through observation you’ll find that the attraction factors are different between men and women. Men become attracted by simply seeing a beautiful woman, and many women only develop deep attraction when there is a presence of certain personality traits.

The crucial takeaway here is that deep attraction for women starts with their emotions! It starts in their heads.

Attraction Is Not a Choice!

ANY man can have more success with women despite his appearance, age, or the size of his wallet.

To learn A LOT more on exactly how to attract more women, check out the dating guide for men Double Your Dating. One of the key things you’ll learn is how to communicate in a way that creates attraction fast.

You will also learn how to use humor and body language to attract women.

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