Italian Online Dating Websites

I did a search for Italian online dating websites, and I chose the top three to compare them head to head. The winner turned out to be…

Italian online dating websites

Italian Friend

I recommend for a couple of reasons…

First of all, I used the internet information website to find out which website most likely has the largest amount of users.

ItalianFriendFinder came out on top. Statistics show that the website is visited by thousands of single men and women in Italy and the USA.

Second, the website is a part of the “Friend Finder” group of dating and adult entertainment sites.

This means that ItalianFriendFinder will likely receive a daily stream of new singles. All Friend Finder dating sites are heavily marketed in many corners of the web.

Like all dating sites, first you’re going to create your dating profile. And please, put some thought into this. I’ve seen dozens of horrible dating profiles.

Make sure you add some quality pictures. Put some thought into it and make your profile stand out.

Next, you can try some basic searches for singles and glance over the profiles that pop up.

It’s a shame that you can’t read the full profiles or see all the pictures with a free account. This is one thing that I don’t like.

But moving on…

If you see some men or women that you may want to contact, you can upgrade by choosing one of the available packages. At that point you can read each members full profile, see all their pictures, and send all the emails or flirts that you want.

If you’re a guy reading this, make sure you check out the “Popular Member Photos” section. It’s full of eye candy with many hot and beautiful Italian women.

Ready to find some sexy Italian women or men? Click right here.

Here are two more Italian online dating sites.

Italian dating websites

It will probably be more difficult to find quality matches at compared to ItalianFriendFinder, and that’s because it doesn’t have as many members. But it is one more place on the web to meet single Italians.

There are a few things that I really like about the website.

For instance, the layout is actually better than ItalianFriendFinder. It’s cleaner and more organized and therefore easier to use.

You can also read each members profile and see their pictures without paying anything.

If physical appearance is very important to you, you might like the Photo Slideshow feature.

You will be shown members’ photos one at a time. For each photo, you click Yes if you’re interested or “No” if you’re not. When you click Yes, an interest notification will be sent to that member for you. Click no and you will be shown the next in line.

Italian dating sites

I won’t say much about ItalianSinglesConnection because it’s not really in the same league as the other two. It doesn’t receive nearly the same amount of visitors.

I mention it only because it is an Italian online dating website, and overall it’s a decent service that has almost every feature that a dating site should have.

If you want to give it a shot click here.

There are more Italian dating sites, but to be quite honest I thought they were garbage and not worth mentioning. The websites above should be the only ones you need to find single Italian women or men on the internet.

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Use the Italian dating sites above to meet singles in cities throughout Italy including Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples, Verona, Turin, Bologna, Perugia, Genoa, and more.

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