Review summary: It's not a scam, but don't waste your money.

Married But Lonely calls itself "a secret married dating site that caters to married women seeking men."

But does it work??

Well, if you want to be entertained, yes. Join

If you wanna get some action, consider a different site such as

Do I say this because Married But Lonely is a scam? No. I'll explain myself shortly...

married but

First of all...

You have to submit a credit card number before you create your profile.

That was the first red flag.

“We do not charge for a FREE profile. Card is used to verify age and facilitate keeping a dating a profile longer than the free time allows.”

Ok, so I go ahead and submit my credit card info.

I get a confirmation in my email saying that I was charged $1.83. This charge was a surprise as it was not openly disclosed. If it was, it was in hidden fine print.

I was a little pissed. The amount is tiny, but it’s the principle.

Unless you cancel within 5 days, you get automatically billed at the monthly rate of $34.95.

Once inside, I was very unimpressed.

The website layout looks like it was created by an 8th grader.

So I go ahead and perform a search and clicked on a bunch of personals ads.

The majority of them contained very little information. I randomly clicked on the “What I’m looking for” link contained in each profile, and not one of them provided any information.

You can't say that Married But Lonely is a scam because the terms and conditions say...

This Service is for Amusement Purposes

The terms also say that Married But Lonely is an “entertainment service” and that all profiles are provided for the members’ amusement and entertainment.

The terms go on to say some of the profiles may be fictitious, and are associated with date helpers.

Hmmm... Sounds like somebody has been sued (or wants to avoid it)...

The use of “date helpers” is a common practice in the online dating industry (especially with many of the adult dating sites).

But there are some married dating sites that actually have real married men and women looking for a side order of fries.

I suspect that there are some legitimate profiles at, but I don’t think there are many. It’s obvious that most of them are fake.

Oops, I meant to say that most of the profiles belong to “date helpers.”


I opened my email and clicked on the link to the third party billing website to cancel.

I got an offer to keep a limited monthly membership for $2.

No thanks.

I didn’t receive a confirmation number or email upon canceling. So I initiated an online chat with a very slow-to-respond customer service rep.

I asked for and received a confirmation number and took a screen print of our conversation in case they try to bill me later.

Boys and girls, save your money. If you wanna get sex and not just entertainment, you're better off trying another discreet service such as

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