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If you’re in a relationship or married but looking for no strings encounters, the Ashley Madison Agency website was created just for you. But first things first…

married dating website

Is it legitimate or a scam? Does it work?

First of all, there are a couple of different things to look for to determine if a dating site is legitimate or not.

1. Does every member look like an airbrushed model?

I set up a free account and tried a few searches to study the profiles.

I saw some very attractive women, but I also saw some average and even some below average looking women.

That is a very good sign that there are real members using the service to meet people, not a bunch of models who got paid to pose for sexy snapshots.

Take 3 minutes to create a free profile and evaluate this for yourself.

2. Did you receive messages from very attractive women (or men) shortly after setting up a profile?

This is a practice that some dating sites use to get people to sign up.

The way it works is you create a profile, and before long you start to receive messages from beautiful women.

Of course you have to sign up to reply to these women. Then after you pay, the messages magically stop.

I did not receive all these fake messages at Ashley Madison, but...

There may be some shady activity. Let me explain...

I got two winks from Ashley members about a week into my membership, and one of them was suspect.

The woman’s profile said that she is turned on by “tall, dark and handsome” men.

That’s fine, but this description doesn’t fit me.

I’m handsome, but definitely not tall. I’m only 5’6.

Thanks dad.

Anyway, I'm not necessarily accusing Ashley Madison of sending phony winks.

It could have been a woman with intentions of trying to scam me out of money or lure me away from the site to pay for a webcam show or something.

This is an issue at ALL dating sites, but thinking with your big head instead of the smaller one will help you avoid these scams.

The service works

I saw an interview once of a woman in her mid 40s who explained that her husband, umm, wasn't getting the job done.

She signed up for Ashley Madison to get some sexual satisfaction, and she admitted that she got what she wanted from the website.

The woman spoke in the dark to maintain her anonymity.

So yes, the service works. There are real hook ups happening at

Here's a couple of good tips...

Be careful who you accept chat invitations from because this burns through credits that you’ve purchased.

Watch out for people with fake glamour photos or the ones with overly provocative screen names like “iwantyounow” or “hornygirl4u.”

To reiterate my earlier point, scammers are lurking at all dating sites.

Use your credits wisely my friend.

The second tip is to be persistent!

If you're a man reading this, you need to know that men outnumber women at Ashley Madison.

You have some competition buddy, so you can't get discouraged if you send a few messages and don't receive responses.

Stay persistent.

Currently, there is a success guarantee offer running at

Please contact me if you notice the offer has expired.

NOTE: You can find some good and bad reviews and testimonials toward the bottom of this article.

Don't pay much attention to the overly bitter reviewers.

A lot of people who failed to get hook ups at Ashley Madison tend to label it a scam.

The service works, but not everyone is going to score.

That's no different than dating offline. You can’t call a service a total scam just because you struck out!

Moving on…

More information at the bottom of the cartoon.

married dating service

About The Service

Dorothy, a married woman in her 40s, said she has been married for over 20 years but signed up with Ashley Madison because her husband constantly turned down sex and refused to go to marriage counseling.

Many people who use the service are in a similar situation.

Noel Biderman, the founder of the Ashley Madison Agency, is a controversial figure who has been interviewed on major news outlets. This exposure has helped to explode sales.

The service has been featured on shows like Larry King, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, and The View.

AshleyMadison has achieved worldwide popularity. It gets tens of thousands of hits from the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, and many other places.

Members have to pay to initiate contact, but not to receive messages. Many women wind up using the site for free.

Now, may your dreams of extra marital affairs come true.

Go to or see a list of alternatives.


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Check out this video. It's a commercial that was rejected for play during the Super Bowl.

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