Do you believe strongly in the idea that the foundation of a strong relationship is when two people hold similar values, interests, and have similar (not necessarily identical) personalities? is built on this premise, but more on this in a moment…

MatchAffinity is a site from the brains behind, but it’s targeted toward the singles crowd in Europe. It has an especially strong presence in the UK, Switzerland, and Norway.

The Free Affinity Questionnaire

I think we all know couples who have a great relationship despite being opposites in many areas, but I don’t know if that is the norm for successful relationships.

The MatchAffinity service is based on the idea that most successful relationships happen when character and personality traits are similar.

Therefore, MatchAffinity is a compatibility-based dating service.

Members are asked to complete a psychometric questionnaire that asks about your values, views on life, and your personality.

Don’t let the idea of a “questionnaire” turn you off…

You’ll probably have fun answering the questions. Some ask specifically about your character, values, family views, and interests; others are questions that use images to reveal your thoughts and feelings at a deeper level.

According to MatchAffinity, the questionnaire was constructed by experts in the nuances of solid relationships.

Personality Report

After you have completed the questionnaire, your Affinity Score will be compared with that of each system generated match or any members profile that you view.

For your system generated matches, you’ll be able to read a report that contains detailed reasons of why there is compatibility.

You will also be given suggestions on the kinds of traits and characteristics that you should watch for in your ideal partner.

Matching that is based on similarities of values, interests, and personalities will significantly boost your odds of meeting a special someone.

Of course finding love through MatchAffinity is not guaranteed, but the whole system is designed to increase your chances.

Armed with your completed questionnaire and dating profile, the matchmaker system can find and present you with lists of potential matches immediately and on an ongoing basis.

Get your personality report and matches for free.

Confidential and Secure

All information on the website is secure. Your questionnaire and all other information about you are kept strictly confidential.

The username that you have to create will facilitate anonymous communications with members. Your actual name and email address will not be known by other members. You have the option to hide your photos.

So what are you waiting for? Get started.

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