The good, the bad, and the ugly review

By far, is the most well known brand when it comes to online dating. Match services countries and territories worldwide and has websites in 15 distinct languages.

There are some drawbacks with this kind of popularity, but I'll get to that shortly...

The service launched in April 1995, and really helped pioneer the e-dating industry.

Through the years, it not only has survived, but it has thrived. And this despite the influx of thousands of new online dating sites.

The Good Stuff

  • Brand recognition

    The combination of advertising and high brand recognition create a constant stream of new singles.

  • Huge database

    Would you agree that the more singles there are at a dating site, the better your odds of being able to find potential matches?

    If you were to try a local search for singles, would you rather that search turn up 20 singles or 200? This is an advantage that Match has over its competitors.

  • Customized searching

    Sure, having millions of singles in your database is great. But you need a way for people to sort through the massive pile to find their better matches.

    Match's custom search menu is one of the industry's best. Here's a screenshot. Notice all the details you're allowed to provide.

  • Matchmaking system applicants are asked to complete a dating profile and answer some basic questions to give other daters more information about them.

    Questions are in the areas of background and values, lifestyle, interests, and a set of fun "get to know me" questions.

    This is all designed to help members see their potential level of compatibility with a person before a word is spoken.

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The Bad Stuff
  • It's not free.

    Let's face it - we never want to pay for anything if we can help it, right?

  • Not everyone is single. is promoted as a relationship service, but that doesn't mean everyone who joins is interested in a relationship.

    Because there are so many singles, Match also attracts a few people who are already attached but looking to play. They're more interested in making love than finding lasting love.

    If you're seeking something serious, make sure you listen to your intuition when communicating with someone. ALL people reveal their true intentions. It's up to you to read the signs.

The Ugly

  • Match has some bad people

    Because of its strong presence and gigantic singles database, Match also has some scammers.

    There is a simple solution...

    Promise to yourself that you will never send any money or gifts to anyone you meet online.

    Always always always listen to your gut if it tells you something is wrong.

These rotten apples constitute a tiny number of members. If Match was just full of scammers and players, there is no way it could have stayed on top for so many years.

Overall, the good qualities far outweigh the "bad" ones.

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