Best Asian dating sites to meet singles from Asia

There are dozens of Asian dating websites to choose from. So I took a close look at some of the popular services and chose what I feel are some of the best.

These services are all different in some ways, so you should read my comments about each website before you make a final choice.

A Foreign Affair

Asian internet dating service

A Foreign Affair is a great service to start with, particularly if you're looking to marry an Asian woman.

A Foreign Affair has an online dating component, but the company also organizes singles tours to China, Philippines, and other countries.

If you would rather stick to online dating, you can find thousands of single women from Thailand, China and the Philippines on the website.

But if you purchase a tour package, you'll travel to an Asian country to meet dozens of women face to face while participating in planned social events.

You'll be able to spend a little personal time with any woman that interests you to find out if there is a connection.

If you like how this sounds so far, read my full review here.

Asia Friend Finder

asian dating websites

If you're looking to date an Asian man or woman, is one of the best dating sites to check out.

There are members from many countries including Mongolia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the USA, and many more.

Creating a free profile will give you limited access to try some of the features. You'll be able to perform some generic searches, look at thumbnail pictures, and peek inside the chat rooms.

Click here to start your free profile or read my full review first.

Cherry Blossoms

meet asian singles

Cherry Blossoms is another good choice if you're looking to marry an Asian woman. The company's website is full of single women living in Asian countries.

Comparatively speaking, doesn't offer the breadth of services that you'll find with A Foreign Affair. It's primarily an online dating site.

But in addition to an online dating component, Cherry Blossoms offers visa and immigration assistance to help you unite with your bride to be.

Here's my full review of the service.

Asian Dating

asian dating sites is another top Asian dating website.

There are singles from America and dozens of other countries including Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and many other parts of the world.

There's an excellent set of search tools you will utilize to browse the personals by age range, height and weight range, proximity from your zip code, and many other details that you can outline.

Use the optional keyword search feature to find women who have similar interests. For example, you can type the word “sports” to find sports fans.

Compared to the other websites here, has the best overall design and one of the better set of tools to search for compatible singles.

Set up a free profile here.

Like I said at the beginning, there are a lot of Asian dating websites. But the ones in this article are some of the best choices out there.

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