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There are millions of single Jewish men and women, and online dating has made it much easier for them to find a suitable match. The biggest benefit of using an online dating site is you can meet people that you never would have in your real life.

There are plenty of services that you can use, but only a few of them are really any good. Here are my top picks for best Jewish dating sites.

JDate has been connecting single Jews online since 1997. It's by far the largest Jewish dating service with hundreds of thousands of members worldwide.

The website is popular in America, Israel, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

JDate's subscription fee is a little more than the others on this page, but your odds of finding matches are much higher because there are thousands of Jewish singles in the database.

Click here to create a free profile and browse the personals ads.

You might be wondering why is here. Well based on what I saw, I believe it's the second best choice on this page next to JDate.

Because it's the most recognizable name in online dating, attracts singles of all backgrounds - and that includes Jewish singles.

You'll need to use the customizable advanced search menu to weed out all the non-Jewish members. Under BACKGROUND/VALUES, put a checkmark next to Jewish, click Search Now and you'll instantly eliminate non-Jewish singles.

Here's a photo from the search menu.

Give it a try and see what you find.

Compared to the Jewish dating services on this page, ranks second in terms of web traffic. However, it's a very distant second behind, which means there are far fewer singles.

Besides having a bad name for a website (really,, Jewcier also has an uninspiring interface once you're logged in.

If you're curious and decide to try Jewcier, here's the link.

Jsingles isn't nearly as big as JDate or, so you're not going to find as many potential matches.

However, it is a slightly less expensive alternative. If you're willing to expand your search beyond your immediate vicinity, it's very possible that you'll find enough singles that interest you.

Areas with bigger Jewish communities will have a larger amount of personals ads (NYC, Los Angeles, South Florida, etc.)

Click here to register and try some searches.

Jewish Friend Finder

I have mixed feelings about

I like some of the extra features that it has. For example, members can create their own blogs, there are also interest based chat rooms where singles can connect, and there's a solid mobile application.

BUT, JewishFriendFinder has much poorer rankings than the other choices. This means that if you want to keep your dating local, it might be difficult to find enough matches.

Here's the website in case you want to try.

Those are five dating sites that are worth considering. Choose one now or read on for some extra comments about those services.

But if you were to ask me, I would say start your search at either or

jewish dating sites is by far the biggest online Jewish dating service.

You can use JDate to find friends, a relationship, an activity partner or someone looking for marriage and children. Both gay and straight Jews are welcome at JDate.

The one thing that I didn’t like is the lack of advanced search tools. I can overlook this because of all the other great features of the site.

After you’ve completed a search, you can sort the list of members by newest, most active, closest to you and most popular.

Last login information is displayed on each member’s profile. I love this because it keeps you from wasting time sending messages to people who haven’t used the site for weeks.

You can communicate with people through a private mailbox, instant messenger, video instant messaging, ecards, forums and chat rooms.

In addition to meeting Jewish singles through the site, you can participate in the organized events, travel adventures and speed dating.

Set up your profile for free and browse the personals in your area.

jewish dating services

JSingles - gets a perfect 10 for design, features and ease of navigation. has way more members, but it's also more expensive than Jsingles.

I love all the extra search tools that are there to help you zero in on what you’re looking for.

" is for Jewish men and women looking to date single Jews. This site features only real single Jewish guys and girls who are interested in dating only Jewish companions, meeting as friends or looking for that perfect lifelong mate. No fake profiles here, no spam allowed, just real life Jewish people looking for dates. This site is 100% free and allows you access to many free features."

Set up your free account to have a look.

jewish websites

Jewish Friend Finder - is another service worth considering.

The website has some great questions that are specific to Jewish culture. There are questions about diet, orthodoxy, frequency of religious service attendance, and more.

As I mentioned earlier there are also many extra cool features - chat rooms, popular member videos, and extensive search capabilities to help you find the perfect partner.

Go here to try some searches.

Jewish Mingle - doesn’t have nearly the amount of traffic that some of the other sites have.

If you're not limiting your search to your vicinity or you live in or near a big Jewish community, then you may still find plenty of people to connect with.


Those are the best online Jewish dating services. Good luck!

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