SCAM REVIEW SUMMARY: is not my favorite website and I wouldn't call it complete scam. It might be worth a try if you can find lots of prospects in your area.

For better choices, see my write up of the top “get laid” websites.

Of if you want to try Naughty Connect click here to start for free.


naughty connect review

According to, is one of the most visited sex dating sites in the U.S.

But is it any good? Well here’s what I found…

To get started, you’ll need to answer questions to fill out your dating profile. You’ll create a unique username, submit your email address, and provide some more basic information.

Obviously, first thing you want to do is find some profiles of members in your area. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay anything to browse the personals ads.

A basic database search includes gender, age, country and state. If you use the advanced search, you can find members of a particular ethnic background, body build, height, weight, etc.

One thing that I don’t like is the lack of ability to make more than one choice in some of your search criteria. For example, you can only choose one ethnicity from the drop down menu.

So for example, I wouldn’t be able to search or Asians, African Americans, and Latinos at the same time if I wanted to. I have to choose one.

Something that is particularly helpful is that you can look within a certain distance from your area. If you don’t find many members, obviously you’re not going to want to use the service.

I tried a search for women within the city of Chicago where I live. I found dozens of profiles. I’m not too surprised. Chicago is a huge city.

Here’s what I like.

You can read every profile and see almost all photos. With many dating sites, you have to pay before you can check out profiles and pictures.

I like that many of the pictures look authentic. It tells me that there’s probably a good percentage of real ladies using the website.

What I don’t like about NaughtyConnect.

The design of the website is just plain dull for starters.

When I click on a thumbnail picture, I want to see a large clear photo. But that’s not what you get at Naughty Connect. You can't really blow the pictures up to see them very well.

Something else that was a bit disturbing…

Days after I created my free account, I receive these messages that are obviously fake. For example, one message said…

“i am hating working at this new job i got. i want to relax this weekend. Do you want to go camping? I got a friend who will lend me his cabin.”

Seriously? Camping? I have no pictures posted, we’ve never talked, and you want to go camping? This is obviously a fake message.

Maybe it’s automated?

Or a shady member?

I don’t know.

Final Words

I'm not crazy about The website needs to be re-designed, the pictures are much too small, and I received some messages that were totally suspect.

So it’s up to you…

You can join if you like what you see. I’m sure there are hundreds to thousands of real participants using the website.

My two favorite websites are still and

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