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Information on Nigerian dating scams, email scams and 419 scams.

A Nigerian dating scam artist will use a version of one of the following stories...

1) “My daughter (or other family member) has fallen ill and needs expensive treatment which I can’t afford.”

2) “I want to travel to see you, but I can’t afford the plane fare. Will you send me the money?”

3) “I am doing contract work in Nigeria, and my employer paid me in money orders which I can't cash. Will you cash them for me and send the money?”

What you won't realize is that the money order you receive is counterfeit. A couple of weeks after you cash it the bank will tell you that YOU must pay the money back.

4) “My family has millions of dollars which I'm working on obtaining. I need money (insert reasons here) and I promise to pay you back.”

This is one of the so-called 419/email Nigerian scams.

Note: The number "419" refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code that addresses fraud (part of Chapter 38: "Obtaining Property by false pretences; Cheating").

Here is a collection of webpages about Nigerian dating scams.

Here’s a video of Nigerian email scammers getting busted: - This is a big list of signs that you may be dealing with a Nigerian scammer. - The top portion of this article talks about a man who fell for the fraudulent check scam. - A list of Nigerian scammers with fake pictures and bogus personals ads. - An article with a story about a real Nigerian dating scam victim who thought she was in love. At the bottom of the article a victim talks about a money order scam he fell for. - Another true story. This person got contacted from someone on trying to run a Nigerian scam. - Four types of scams are talked about: the prostitute scam, phone scam, travel scam, and the Nigerian postal scam. - Details of how scammers use dating sites, chat rooms and email to send thousands of fraudulent letters and emails. - This is very good information about Nigerian email scams. There’s also some background info that details Nigerian scams dating back to the 1920s. – Copies of actual email messages sent by scammers – A scammer sends an email saying he got robbed and stabbed. - This is a very funny account of someone who avoided a scam. You can read the profile and see a picture of the scammer. - A great story of someone who successfully avoided getting scammed. - A story of someone who got scammed through a chat room; a little bit of info on the 419 scam. - information about Nigerian 419 scams


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