A Review of NoStringsAttached.com

NoStringsAttached.com is one of the so-called married dating sites. Normally when I review one of these sites, I find two things: they're full of fake profiles, and they use shady methods to get you to sign up.

So, is No Strings Attached any different? Read on for my thoughts...


First of all, there are a couple of things that I look at when I evaluate whether a dating site is legitimate or a scam.

1. Does every other profile photo look like a perfect 10?

I performed a few searches at No Strings Attached to scan the profile pictures. Each page in my search results had 24 personals ads.

I saw a mixture of different types of women - attractive, unattractive, fat, skinny, black, white... This is a great sign that there are plenty of real people using the service, not just a bunch of fake profiles.

Take two minutes to create a free profile and see for yourself.

2. Did I receive messages from hot women soon after creating my profile?

Many of the adult dating sites set up a system where shortly after you create a profile, you start to receive messages, winks or flirts from very hot women.

Then you continue receiving these notifications.... until you pay for the privilege to reply to them. Then the messages suddenly stop!

This has happened to me many times after creating a dating profile, but I did not receive any of these fake notifications during my review of NoStringsAttached.com.

I recommend NoStringsAttached.com for three reasons.

1. Many of the profiles look totally legit.

2. I did not receive any of those fake messages that many similar websites send out.

3. I was able to verify through Alexa.com that No Strings receives thousands of monthly visitors. The more visitors a dating site receives, the more members it's going to have.

I recommend giving the service a try.

More about the service

As you know by now, NoStringsAttached.com is a hook up site for married, attached, or single people that are looking for romance or sex partners.

If you're worried about your friends, family, or significant other busting you, you don't have to. NoStringsAttached.com has extra privacy features included to help you stay anonymous (more on this shortly).

When you first set up your account, you get to select whether you want a short term relationship or virtual encounters.

A free membership allows you to access some of the features, including being able to do some generic searches to get a feel for the number of members in your area.

Click here for more.

A VIP membership allows you to

  • contact members
  • view all profiles
  • watch member videos
  • view all member photos
A premium membership also increases your visibility by pushing your profile to the top of other member's searches.

To maximize privacy, you can designate your pictures and videos to be viewed only by members of your private network. This gives you full power over who gets full access to your profile.

You can also use the optional Private Call feature. It lets you make phone calls with untraceable phone numbers.

Is it a scam? I don't think so. Here are my thoughts...

As I explained earlier, one sign of a scam dating site is when every other profile picture looks super hot. Yes, there are plenty of good looking men and women that use the internet to meet people.

But let's be real here...

If too many profile pictures look near perfect, there's a good chance that the site owners have created a bunch of fake profiles.

I didn't get that feeling with NoStringsAttached.com. I saw some pictures of attractive women, but I also saw many average or below average looking people.

This is a sign of a legitimate service.

Does this mean that there are no scammers in the database? No. You should always be leery of profiles with perfect pictures.

Many people think that it's somehow ok to "borrow" photos from other websites.

The other positive sign is that I didn't receive any phony messages from beautiful women who live hundreds of miles away claiming they want to get to know me.

This is a popular tactic used by many adult dating sites.

I didn't get any action, but that's because I didn't try. I'm in a relationship right now. But I can say that No Strings Attached passed my initial scam test.

Click here to check it for yourself.


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