The Right Way To Contact Women At Online Dating Sites

One of the issues with meeting women at dating sites and social networking sites (like Facebook) is that you have competition. There will be other guys trying to pull the same women that you want to pull.

I'm going to give you some tips for initiating contact in a way that will set you apart and separate you from the competition.

These tips were brought to you by Derek Lamont, creator of the internet attraction system called The Online Game.

Derek is going to tell you to avoid a few very common errors that guys usually make, so listen up…

You’re searching the personals at a dating site or reading profiles on Facebook.

A woman catches your eye. Now what?

Well according to Derek, here’s what guys do 99% of the time…

They send some generic message that goes something like this…

“Hi! How are you? I like your pictures and you seem like an interesting person. I was wondering if you would like to talk sometime?


“Wow, you’re really cute. You probably receive dozens of messages every day. But hopefully you will notice this message because I really want to get to know you!”


“I’m one of the coolest, nice guys you’ll ever meet. We should talk sometime!”

Derek goes on to say that the success rate of some of these common messages is probably around 1%. And that’s if you’re reasonably attractive with a good dating profile…

So what’s a better formula to follow?

First things first… You need to try and perfect your profile before you even get started contacting women.

Don’t send any messages to anyone until you have created a perfect (or near perfect) profile!

And what is a “perfect” profile?

You need to add quality photos to your profile, and you must avoid saying the same generic stuff. A girl is not going to reply back to you if your profile doesn’t have pictures and says the same blah stuff in the content.

Put yourself in a woman’s shoes… you get a message from some dude on a dating website and he doesn’t even show you what he looks like…?

[Derek provides more profile tips in his Online Game ebook]

The second thing you should do is to actually READ HER PROFILE.

If she receives 10 messages that day that sound like they were copy-and-pasted, but yours is actually personalized based on information in her profile, whose message is going to stand out the most?

Separate yourself from all the other clowns. Let them take the lazy route with their generic copy and paste messages.

You should also be creative in the headline your message. A good looking girl might receive dozens of messages every single day!

The headline is the first thing she is going to see, so use that space to say something catchy.

Last tip…

Don’t write too damn much!

Keep your initial message short. You need to avoid sounding like some desperate, creepy guy.

Yes, you need to personalize your message and try to generate enough interest for her to want to reply. But you need to try to accomplish this in as few words as possible.

No fluff and filler, just meat and potatoes.

Derek will give elaborate on these tips and give you more for meeting women online in his ebook.

Click here to check it out.

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