Online Dating Profile Tips

The online dating profile tips and advice here will help you create a profile that pops.

Tip #1 - Be Authentic

Many profiles are written with the goal of generating lots of interest instead of attracting only qualified potential mates.

It’s about quality, not quantity. Don’t aim to impress. Just be authentically “you” in your profile.

Tip #2 - Write A Good Headline

The headline can be used in two ways: to summarize what you’re looking for or to highlight your key traits.

“Looking For The One” might be a common (and very boring) headline, but it does tell people what you’re there for.

“If You’re Bold And Spontaneous, Contact Me” tells someone that these are two must-have qualities.

“Intelligent But Goofy” tells people that you have a healthy funny bone but you can also hold your own in a discussion on politics.

You get the idea.

Tip #3 - Think Before You Leap

Before you write a word of your profile, think. Think about your most important values and preferences. Think about what you want out of a relationship.

If you think about these things before you write, you’ll be more likely to communicate them effectively.

The best way to attract a compatible mate is to clearly communicate your values and preferences.

Tip #4 - Be Specific

Be specific about the type of person you would match well with. What would he enjoy doing in his spare time? What kind of movies would she favor most?

Get it?

Tip #5 - Be Flexible

The more picky you are in describing your ideal partner, the more you shrink the field. Yes, we ALL have this idea of the perfect person in terms of internal and external attributes.

I’m not telling you to settle, but be as flexible as possible. This will open you up to more potential matches.

Tip #6 - Check Your Grammar

No matter how interesting and attractive you may be, bad spelling and grammar is a big time turn off. Don’t double check the wording in your profile. Triple check it!

Tip #7 - Add Quality Pictures

As you probably know, profiles with pictures receive way more attention than profiles without them. You should post multiple photos that are fairly recent.

Also, check the lighting. Don’t post pictures that dim your features. People want to be able to put looks with the person they’re talking to.


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