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The best services for singles in their prime years

Just below you’ll find short reviews of "over 50" dating sites. Out of the hundreds of dating sites on the internet, they are better for singles over 40 and 50 years of age to find a partner.

over 50 dating site

The first service I'm going to recommend is eHarmony.com.

For anyone over 40 years old and looking for a potential life long relationship, I recommend eHarmony as the first stop. There are a few reasons why…

1. eHarmony has a strong reputation. Singles have used the service since the year 2000 to find a partner on the internet.

2. eHarmony runs television commercials. The constant exposure helps to keep a steady stream of new “over 50” singles joining the website.

3. The matchmaking system. The makers of eHarmony put in place a comprehensive matchmaking system to help connect people who have similar tastes and have the most important things in common.

4. You get what you pay for. eHarmony is not what I would call expensive, but it is not one of the free or cheap dating sites.

And this is great. It means that the majority of members are serious about finding that ideal partner and not looking to play games!

Back to the matchmaking system for a moment…

You (and every new member) will complete a relationship questionnaire that is designed to uncover what it is you want to find in your future partner.

From there your best potential matches will be found for you by the eHarmony computer system.

The system then goes to work to find your better matches in the database.

As I said before, eHarmony does heavy advertising. That means lots of new singles all the time, and a strong chance that you will have a hefty amount of good possible matches.

Get started by completing the free questionnaire.

over 40 dating site

The second website that I'll recommend to you is Match.com.

It's number two because of its HUGE pool of single people of all ages.

If you search locally, you might be able to find between dozens to hundreds of “over 50” singles. If you expand beyond your immediate vicinity, you’ll see thousands of singes.

The brand recognition that Match.com has is a huge benefit to you. Hundreds of new singles sign up on a daily basis. Obviously this raises your odds of meeting the type of person that you’d like to have in your life.

Match.com’s matchmaking system might pale in comparison to eHarmony’s, but it does have more singles and a cheaper subscription fee.

Find your matches at Match.com.

dating sites for over 50

Third, I'm going to select PerfectMatch.com.

Perfect Match has some things in common with eHarmony. It's a chemistry driven matchmaker service. So your first step will be to answer a series of questions about yourself and the characteristics your potential partner needs to have.

However, there is a difference between PerfectMatch and eHarmony.

Members of eHarmony don’t search for and contact people. The eHarmony system will forward your matches to your email box and you’ll also see your matches when you log in.

While it may not have the amount of singles as eHarmony, PerfectMatch has a more flexible set up. Your matches will be found based on your dating profile, but you will also have the option to conduct your own searches using criteria that you define.

Try it for free and preview your matches or see my whole review.

Based on my knowledge of online dating sites, these three services are the best over 50 dating sites.

Not sure which service you like? Re-read each description and then make your choice. Or, I’ve also provided some more choices and some more information below.


eHarmony is what you would call a premium online matchmaking service. The premise of the service is to match you with people whose goals, values, and personality characteristics complement your own.

The eHarmony questionnaire is designed to dig deep into who you are as a person. So you tell the system about “you” through the questionnaire, and you’ll be “introduced” to the singles who most likely complement you.

In the eHarmony they say that they have studied thousands of couples and found that compatibility across 29 key areas were the best predictors of successful long term relationships. The eHarmony matchmaker system was built on this premise.

Get started finding your ideal partner.


I ran a test and tried a couple of different searches at the Match.com website – a search for men followed by a search for women 50 to 65 years of age living within a hundred miles of Chicago.

The database presented me with hundreds of results! I don’t know where you live, but wherever it is you could possibly experience similar results.

The service is open for all age groups, but Match has lots of single men and women age 50 and over. It’s easy to find only the singles in your preferred age bracket.

Match.com is head and shoulders above most of the online dating websites. It has hundreds of thousands of members, great brand recognition, and tools to help its members find their best potential partners.

To try Match.com click here.


When the service was created, PerfectMatch.com set out with the mission to help singles find their absolute perfect match.

You will find matches in a couple of different ways…

The system is designed to scour the database and find matches on your behalf based on your questionnaire answers and dating profile. Your matches will be “brought” to you and you can hand pick the ones that you like.

The second way is to search for yourself. You will provide the details of what you want to find, then click a button to search. You can then contact all men or women that have profiles that you like.

Look for your perfect match now.

Other than the big three dating sites above, there are some more internet dating sites that you can consider. They're not as good, but they do cater to the over 50 singles population.

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DatingForSeniors.com - Dating For Seniors has an attractive website that's complete with all the features that a quality dating site should have.

The interface is laid out in a way that makes it very easy to navigate. This is great especially for those new to online dating.

Use the abundance of searching tools to find your most ideal matches.

DatingForSeniors.com is not as popular as the previous choices, but it's a service worth considering.

online dating site over 50 singles

SilverSingles.com – Silver Singles refers to itself as “The Community for Mature Singles.”

SilverSingles claims that there have been thousands of single men and women who have joined the website with the hope of finding a partner to share their life with.

To be honest, SilverSingles does not have the full range of benefits as the previous choices, but it has the basics that you will need to find singles including search tools, chat rooms, instant messaging to chat online, and the ability to send messages to men or women who interest you.

SeniorMatch.com – Yet another choice that you have to find singles over 40 and 50 years old is SeniorMatch.com.

SeniorMatch.com claims to be the largest dating site for 50 plus singles, and they just might be.

But, you are not going to find the same volume of potential matches as the first three choices. Those services have much larger numbers of singles overall.

Like the other services here, you can join SeniorMatch for free to check it out. The downside is that you will not have full use of all the searching options unless you first upgrade to paying customer.

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