Dating for busy professionals

Personal Matchmaking Services

Many people are choosing to hire a couples matchmaking service to take away the time consuming work of finding matches and scheduling dates.

If you're not a high earner, consider using one of the online matchmaking services. Personal matchmakers are used mostly by single high earning busy professionals.

In this article I’m going to highlight one of the most popular personal matchmaking services.

Its Just Lunch

It's Just Lunch is a unique professional matchmaking service for busy singles.

You start by scheduling a discreet and in-depth interview.

Dating for busy professionals

After your interview, your professional match maker will match you with someone based on your personality, the qualities you want in a partner, and other criteria.

The unique twist is that the company aims to minimize stress and first date jitters by arranging relaxed, no-pressure casual dates over lunch, brunch, or drinks after work.

You will receive a full description of your potential date and an explanation as to why a particular person was chosen.

It's Just Lunch has dozens of locations around the world and has thousands of clients.

The website looks a little stale, but the company does its job well.

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The Its Just Lunch Process

Its Just Lunch (or IJL for short) takes a fun approach to upscale, personalized matchmaking. The company facilitates pressure free lunch or after work dates for busy professionals.

How it works

First, you will schedule an interview with a match maker. Your interviewer will want to know about you, your interests, and what kind of things you’re looking for in a potential partner.

You will also talk about what has and has not worked for you in the past.

How are you matched?

A man or woman will be selected for you based on the information gathered from the interview. The professional will hand-pick your matches based on a combination of your desires, interests, goals, motivations, and pure instincts.

Your dates are arranged

When a match is found for you, your matchmaker will call you to tell you all about the person.

Only your first name will be revealed to them. Your address, phone number and company remains confidential until you choose to share it.

You will receive a thorough description of your potential date and the reasons this person was chosen.

Virtually every step is handled for you

Lunch or drinks after work will be set up based on your schedule.

The goal is two-fold.

First, choose well-suited matches for you. Then schedule dates at times and places that are convenient for both people.

After your date, your matchmaker wants your feedback. Your comments will be used to fine tune your next match to improve precision if necessary.

The very first thing that you'll do is fill out a short and simple form at

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