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Best Dating Services for Busy Professionals

In this article, I’m going to compare two of the best dating services for busy professionals - and

Both services are excellent because of their comprehensive matching systems, but there are key differences between the services... &

PerfectMatch and eHarmony are successful at helping busy professionals find partners thanks to their excellent matching systems.

Their programs are made to deliver the best available matches so you won't have to constantly look for them yourself.

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Because PerfectMatch and eHarmony are a step above "average" dating sites, they charge slightly higher membership fees.

These services are great excellent choices for educated, higher earning single professionals that are serious about finding the right partner.

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No matter which service you join, you will have to take a fun questionnaire and obtain and personality profile.

Your questionnaire and personality profile will be used to match you with members who have similar personalities, interests and values.

The Big Difference has a lot more members than PerfectMatch because it's the more popular service. eHarmony has been around longer, so it has firmly established itself as a top online dating service.

However, members are not able to search for their own matches. Your personalized matches will be presented to you on an ongoing basis after you answer the initial questions and complete your dating profile.

On the other hand, may not be as popular, but it’s the more flexible choice. You will be able to search for your own matches while also receiving personalized matches through the system.

To Summarize

Both dating sites are great options for the busy professional looking for a compatible partner.

eHarmony also has millions of members. The chances are strong that there will be dozens to hundreds of singles in your area.

eHarmony members don't search for their own matches. Their matches are automatically sent by the system based on the answers from the dating profile and relationship questionnaire. currently does not have nearly as many members. But on the plus side, members do have the ability to search for and contact anyone they believe would be a good match.

So, to briefly recap... has lots more members, but you can't look for potential matches yourself; however, you will be able to contact any of your system generated matches. has less members, but you will be able to look for and contact other members.

If you need to find someone that lives close to you, eHarmony is probably the better choice because it will likely have more potential matches for you.

PerfectMatch is more flexible, but it has less members. Therefore, you might not have a lot of matches if you limit your search to your area.

You should be willing to possibly meet people that don't live close to you if you want to get the most out of the service.

Hopefully, now you have enough information to choose one of these excellent services.

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