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There are probably as many scams as there are dating sites. Fortunately, there is plenty of information on the internet about the various dating scams that exist.

Here are four ways that beautiful Russian women (some of which are probably big, fat, hairy smelly men) are successfully taking money from unsuspecting gullible men.

NOTE: Russian dating scams aren’t just made for straight men. Gay men are now being targeted as well.

Scam #1: The super hot picture scam

There are plenty of hot Russian women in this world, and there are many beautiful women that legitimately look for love at dating websites.

However, if the sexy pictures look professionally done or near perfect, that should raise a huge red flag.

Scam #2: Words to make you melt

The scammer will send you long email messages that look as if she’s pouring her heart out to you.

However, they’re nothing more than pre-written letters that are sent to every man she comes into contact with.

Also, she doesn’t ask you in-depth questions about your life but she seems to be quickly falling for you.

Hmmm, what’s wrong with this picture?

Scam #3: There’s an emergency! Can you please send money?

This one will usually happen after she's been working on you for a little while.

The story could be one of many…

Her parents or her child are extremely ill and an expensive medical procedure is required.

She lost her job, or her money was lost or stolen and she could be evicted and left homeless.

Whatever story is told, you can bet that it will sound very convincing.

Scam #4: I want to visit you, but…

She really wants to meet you in person, but there’s a problem: she needs money for the visa and tickets.

She may pretend to make a trip to the Embassy to obtain a visa, and you will receive a message from her saying that there are “requirements” that must be met before she can leave the country.

Of course this will require some money.

If you agree to send money, there will be another problem. She will “reluctantly” ask you for more financial assistance – repeatedly.

Each time you give, you will get a new sob story.

When you stop giving, you get "dumped" immediately.

Here are two recent developments to watch out for.

1. Hearing her voice is no guarantee that you’re not being scammed.

Just because she is willing to talk over the phone doesn’t mean she’s not a scam artist.

It could be a woman working alone or a man and woman who work together.

2. Scam artists are now using more clever means to meet people.

I recently found a story about a guy who got scammed by a woman he met online in a music forum. She sent him a private message pretending to like some of the same music that he does.

To make a long story short, she gained his trust, then used a sob story to get him to send her money.

So remember - dating scam artists use more than just dating sites to meet potential victims.

Information resources for Russian dating scams: - There’s information on Russian bride scams and background checks.

There are professional investigators that assist with background checks, prosecution of dating scammers and scam checks.

Free stuff includes scam evaluations, consultations, and a forum with reports of new scams and other information. - Lots of info for finding a Russian woman for marriage or dating – Good tips on how to avoid being scammed, including info on Russian marriage scams. - Russian women blacklist - frequently asked questions about Russian and Ukranian dating scams. - This site has scam scenarios and a database of scammers with pictures, email addresses, names, countries, cities, etc. - How to find a Russian wife.


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