Here's how I determine if a dating site is scam or legit.

I have reviewed enough dating sites to develop a strong nose for scam. I’m going to share with you how you can tell if a dating site uses scam tactics or not.

Does every other picture look too perfect?

If every other profile contains glamorous, perfect looking pictures (like the one to the right), then you probably have a shady dating site.

Scammy dating sites create a bunch of phony profiles with hot pictures to entice you to whip out your credit card.

Now, there are some losers out there who think it's ok to create a dating profile and post pictures that they stole from another website. People do this at EVERY online dating site.

Bottom line is this...

You have to carefully scan the profiles. If you notice that there are lots of photos that look "touched up" or just too perfect, odds are you're looking at a bunch of fake profiles.

SIDE NOTE: There are proportionately more attractive women at sugar daddy dating sites. Let's face it - average looking women have a slim chance of nabbing a rich sugar daddy. It's logical to expect these types of sites to attract hot women looking to exploit their appearance.

Same goes for some of the international dating and marriage agencies. You're going to find more beautiful women at those websites. Still, every single woman should not have model type looks.

Do I receive messages too soon after creating a profile?

Some dating sites create phony prepared messages that are sent to you after you create a free trial membership.

Of course you'll have to upgrade if you want to reply.

After all, if a hot person sends you a wink or a message saying he or she wants to get to know you, you’re going to want to respond.

So how do I know if I receive a fake notification?

I use common sense.

If my profile contains two short sentences and no pictures, and a beautiful woman who lives miles away writes me saying she wants to get to know me, I would have to be a fool to believe it.

People fall for this all the time. This tactic is very popular among the adult dating sites and the foreign dating and marriage agencies.

Compared to the volume of online dating sites, there are few of them that are just pure scam operations. As a matter of fact, there are different levels of scam activity among the online dating sites.

Some dating sites are nothing but scam.

Some just use scam tactics, meaning they create some fake profiles and may send some phony messages.

And many dating sites are scam free.

Let’s get something straight…

There are scam artists at EVERY dating site. That’s right, every one has con artists who prey on lonely people. They use very elaborate sob stories and schemes to get people to open their wallets.

All it takes to avoid being scammed is to listen to your gut and use some God given common sense.

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