Seducing Women With Physical Contact

Seduce Women With Physical Contact

The following tips are brought you to by the author of Guy Gets Girl, one of the few dating guides for men that was written by a woman.

It reveals what goes on in the minds of women and how men can use certain techniques to attract and seduce them.

Seduce Women Through 'Sneaky' Touching

Making physical contact with a woman is an important part of seducing her. It’s much easier to seduce a girl and get her in the bedroom if there is some consistent two-way touching.

When I say "touching," I don't mean groping her private parts. I mean strategic and very innocent contact.

For example, she says something funny and you gently touch her knee while laughing. Or you softly touch her upper back as you walk through the doors of a movie theater, restaurant or wherever you go.

However the physical contact happens, there has to be some if you’re going to seduce her fast.

Now, the important question is this…

How do you tactfully get the ball of seduction rolling so you don’t freak her out or turn her off?

A lot of men just “go for it” and end up making women feel uncomfortable, and in some cases, just plain violated.

Other guys are too concerned about turning her off, so they don’t even attempt to establish physical contact until all the stars line up.

The problem with this is it could look like you're not interested or you're just timid, which is another turn off for women.

how to seduce women with touching

So what’s the solution?

It’s simple. Follow a few basic rules that conform to the personal boundaries of most girls, but also show that you are a cool, confident dude.

Let’s go over some points.

1. Some men believe that touching a woman in any way when they first meet is a no-go. But it’s not true.

To create a strong first impression and immediate bond when you first meet a girl and start conversing, gently and intermittently touch the outside of her arm while you’re talking.

Why the outside of a woman’s arm?

That spot is very non intrusive. It’s not intimate enough for her to feel violated, but at the same time it sends a signal that you’re a social and personable guy.

2. When you kick off a conversation with a girl, it’s important to establish and keep up some physical contact. This helps you quickly bond with her, and that bonding will gradually develop it into mutual sexual attraction.

Tiffany Taylor calls this technique ‘Stealth Tactility’, which involves making physical contact with a woman in a covert way.

For example, she might need to go to the bathroom but doesn’t know the direction.

Perfect opportunity to make a little contact.

You’ll put your hand on her shoulder, angle both of your bodies in the right direction, then point to where she needs to go.

This might sound small, but every little instance of physical contact inches you closer to the goal line.

3. The last tip is you should always try to make some contact when you finish talking to a girl. For example, after you exchange contact info or make plans to meet again, give her a peck on the cheek or give her a hug and a kiss.

For many more tips on seducing women, check out the seduction guide for men that was written by a woman - Guy Gets Girl.

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