SCAM REPORT SUMMARY: After my review, I feel comfortable enough to recommend giving a try.

BUT, be aware that you will receive some phony notifications in your email if you don't sign up right away. They're designed to nudge you to move forward and sign up.

This practice is common with these types of sites, but it doesn't necessarily mean that there are no real people using the service.

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sex review

Wow! has the coolest introduction that I've seen of any dating site.

When the site loaded in my browser, there was a hot blonde with a nice body wearing next to nothing who gives a brief introduction to the website.

At this point I'm very impressed.

And as I advance from screen to screen to get set up, the woman strips away one item at a time until finally she gets completely naked (except for a black pair of high heel shoes).

Yup, very nice introduction to Sex Search!

And, when I log in with my username and password, there's yet another hot chick wearing underwear giving a brief introduction.

I like this site so far!

BUT, will pass the scam test?

Well, after I watch the second hot chick give the little introduction, I glance at the bottom toward the photos of "Who's Online."

Out of the 15 pictures that I saw, there were only 2 that I personally wouldn't bang.

That's an incredible ratio of good looking women. It's an unbelievable ratio actually, so my scam radar is up at this point.

Ok, so let's try a search and see what's in my area…

I tried a quick search of women age 18 to 55 to see a bunch of profiles. There were 12 profiles that popped up, and I like what I saw.

I saw a few good looking women, a few average and a few way below average. This is a great sign. It tells me that there may not be just a bunch of fake profiles on the website.

Ok, let's see page number 2 of the results…

I'm impressed. I see many real looking women, which is actually not too common at many of these hook up websites.

Normally these sites look like they photographed a bunch of models and then created a bunch of phony profiles using the photos.

What I don't like is that when you click on a profile, you're taken immediately to a sign up screen. I would like to be able to get a fuller glimpse of some profiles before I join.

Another good thing is that I have not received any phony winks or flirts or messages from women who want to talk to me. This is something else that is common among adult dating sites, particularly the total scam variety.

But, all in all I feel ok with recommending guys (and girls) to give a try.


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