Best Dating Sites to Meet Sober Singles

In this article I've listed some good dating and social media sites to meet sober singles on the internet.

There are a small group of websites made especially for sober dating, but there are probably more singles that don't drink at than the rest of the choices on this page.

You will have to use's Custom Search options to find singles that never drink.

The image to the right is from the Match search menu. Do you see the check mark next to the word "Never?" That's how you tell the system that you are only interested in singles that live a sober lifestyle.

After you walk through creating a free account, you will able to see the single (and sober) men or women that are available.

Set up a free profile and try some searches for yourself.

Sober Singles Websites - This is a 12 step dating site for alcoholics anonymous singles, narcotics anonymous singles and all single sober adults in every 12 step recovery program.

You can meet single women or men locally or long distance for dates, friendship and support.

Search for singles by country, state, city or zip code and you can even narrow your search down to your own 12 Step Program.

You can participate in or initiate chat groups and recovery meetings online. There’s also information on 12 step/recovery events.

I hate that the last login information for each person is not shown. You can't tell which people are actively using the site and which ones are not.

Other than that, I like the service for the most part. - I must confess that this is probably the ugliest dating site that I have laid eyes on, but it was created as a place for sober people to connect.

I checked it out and concluded that it’s at least worth a look. - A free online dating and social networking site for meeting singles in recovery. - As the name implies, this is a website for gay men and lesbians who are in recovery. - is a decent looking dating site, but there were a couple of things that I didn't like. For one, you can't access many of the features without paying first.

Also, there was a special sign-up offer that kept popping up as I was looking around the site. It was quite annoying, but you can still try the service if you haven't already joined one of the others.

Currently, you can send unlimited messages to all members for free for one week.

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