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6) Be safe.

There are plenty of nuts in this world that happen to know how to use the internet. Here are some very important safety tips for online dating:

1. Don’t give out too much personal information during initial conversations.

Your home phone number and full name can provide ways to discover who you are and where you live.

2. Use a cell phone or an anonymous phone service.

When you decide you want to hear the persons voice, use a cell phone, Skype, or some other anonymous phone service.

3. Listen to your gut.

Try to identify characteristics as you’re feeling a person out.

Do they seem to have a hot temper? Do they avoid or half-answer some of your questions? Do they show a desire to be in control?

Never ignore red flags.

4. Always meet in a public place the first time. No exceptions.

5. Tell the person that your friends and family know where you’re going and who you’re going to meet.

You can do this in a subtle and creative way.

Always follow these safety precautions no matter how trustworthy a person appears to be.

7) Watch for signs that suggest he (or she) is married or in a relationship.

There are thousands of married people on dating sites. Here are some signs to watch for:

1. He doesn’t post a picture and uses some excuse (I want you to like me for me and not my looks).

2. He’s very vague when he talks about his life.

3. He’s only available at set times or sometimes he’s unreachable.

In all fairness, this could be due to work or business obligations, but it’s something to look at.

4. He texts a lot more than he calls. Or he texts you, you call him, and he doesn’t answer.

5. He never invites you to his house and has good excuses for it.

Again, never ignore red flags!

8) Don’t wear a mask.

Keep it real when you create your profile.

Keep it real when you chat with people.

When you go on dates, just be you. Don’t wear a mask.

Don’t scheme.

Don’t act.

Would you rather people like the image that you portray or like you for who you really are???

The real you will be revealed anyway. You might as well show it up front.

9) Don’t try to impress.

Before you curl your lips, hear me out.

Most people tell you to do this, do that, don’t say this, plan a killer first date, blah blah blah.

In an effort to impress a man or woman, people often say or do things that don’t reflect who they really are or what they’re really about.

I’m not saying don’t put any thought into creating your profile or planning dates. Just don’t go out of your way to impress anyone.

Be who you are. If simply being who you are is not good enough for someone, then it’s not the person for you. Period.

If you’re not getting called after first dates or not capturing interest with your profile, you may want to get feedback or a little advice from people who know you best. But you should always be who you are.

That’s it. Sorry if I came off like some self help guru.


There’s no guarantee of success for anyone at internet dating sites, but following these tips for online dating will definitely improve your chances. I can guarantee that.

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