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One of the newer trends in online dating is the creation of geography based dating sites. In this article we'll focus on quality UK dating sites.

Take two or three minutes to see my short write up of each service because it will help you choose the best one for you.

If you just want to date, skip to the next option. If you want a long term relationship, read on about

Do you believe that the foundation of a solid relationship is when two people have values, interests, and personalities that are similar?

That is the whole basis for, a dating service that does very well in the UK online dating market. This is good because it can only mean lots of potential compatible matches for you.

Free Questionnaire. The makers of MatchAffinity recognized that most great relationships happen when a man and woman can connect on a deep level.

You will start by completing a questionnaire that uncovers your values, views on life, and your personality characteristics.

The questionnaire was put together with the help of relationship experts.

Compatibility Matching. The results of your questionnaire will be used to identify high potential matches for you.

And when you search for men or women yourself, you will know if you might be compatible based on the compatibility score.

Read the full review or take the free questionnaire.

In terms of search rankings for Great Britain, trails behind MatchAffinity by a good margin. Without the boring details, this simply means DatingDirect probably does not have as many single people.

But, does have a strong enough presence to have lots of single British men and women. You can get a peek at them by setting up a free account.

Don’t worry if you’re not great with words when creating your profile. There are pre-defined lists of interests and hobbies that you can check off to help others know about you.

But, you still want to put a little thought into your personals ad to get people interested.

If you see people that you want to get to know, select a membership, send them messages and see what happens...

Go to

Friends Reunited Dating is a dating site from the makers of the popular UK social networking site

FriendsReunited ranks far behind MatchAffinity but slightly above DatingDirect in United Kingdom search traffic.

The guys behind Friends Reunited Dating refer to its service as “the UK's friendliest dating site.”

Whether you're looking for new friends, dating or love, FriendsReunitedDating is a good service to use.

It’s free to join and search the huge singles database. As is the norm with dating sites, there is a search tool that will help you find only your better matches.

Find friends or much more with Friends Reunited Dating.

I love to discover products and services that are unique, that do things a little differently. has an interesting and somewhat unique twist for its dating service.

Members who join are provided with their Swoon Appeal after answering some questions. It's designed to give insight to others about the things that really make you tick.

Swoon claims to not be a compatibility matching site, so you won’t take a test to be used for matching purposes. The makers feel that this takes some of the magic out of dating.

Instead, you will answer some simple questions. The answers are used to reveal your Swoon Appeal. It will give other singles a peek into your world and what it takes to really get (and keep) your attention.

Find out your swoon appeal.

Singles365?? If you try just a little bit, you can think of a better name than that!

Despite the hideous name, I included because it is targeted to UK singles.

Singles365 falls far behind the other services in monthly visitors, which means the number of members is going to be much smaller.

But, who knows... That also means there's going to be less competition, so it could work in your favor? Perhaps...

Like almost all other dating websites, it’s totally free to join to give it a try.

You’ll post your own dating profile which shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

It won’t cost anything to use the geographical search to look for men or women in your area (or wherever you want).

As a full member, you gain access to the entire set of search tools to find singles by age, specific interests, physical description, and other details.

You’ll also be able to send instant messages immediately to any members who are connected while you are.

Singles 365 is a website where you can meet singles from London.

The services features dozens of matching mechanisms including…

  • SuperMatch - Deep compatibility matching
  • SoulMatch - Character matching
  • SelectMatch - Similar interest matching
  • SensualMatch - Based on sexual compatibility
So if you live in or near London, consider London Match Maker.

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