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In 2010, Yahoo Personals ceased to exist as a dating site because of an agreement that was struck with then competitor So is the official internet dating website for Yahoo Personals.

Read on for the good and the bad about or start searching for singles now. has some good qualities and some not so good qualities...

The Good

  • Worldwide recognition

    If you ask 100 people (that use the internet), a good portion of them will know of Some of them will have used it or know someone who has.

  • Enormous member base

    Obviously, more singles equals more opportunities to meet someone that you like.

    When Yahoo online personals and merged, Match's membership grew from large to much larger.

  • Customizable search

    Nobody wants to sort through pages and pages of non-compatible singles. Match has an abundance of filtering options so you can find people who align with your preferences.

  • Deep matching

    Every dating site has members complete a dating profile. But Match also has you answer some questions that give others some deeper insight into who you are.

    Your profile and the questions are used to facilitate quality matching.

The Bad

  • Competition

    I listed an enormous member base as a benefit, but the other side of that is there's more competition.

    But a huge selection of singles is better than a small selection.

  • You gotta pay to play

    Let's face it - no matter how good a product or service is, we never want to pay for it.

  • Players join

    Not all Match members are looking for love. It does have it's fair share of players (like every dating site).

    If you want a real relationship, make sure your dates do too.

  • Shady people join Match

    Match is known throughout the world, and scammers know that there are millions of prospects to run a scam on.

    You need to swear to yourself that no matter what, you are NOT going to give money or gifts to anybody.

    In fairness to Match, ALL dating sites have scam artists. You need to use your God given awareness to avoid being a victim.

Match has been a top dating site since the late 1990s when it started. The reason for its longevity is because its a quality service, head and shoulders above the competition.

Start looking for your matches.

Here's a little background into the Match/Yahoo Personals agreement.

Yahoo Personals UK first partnered with Match in 2006. Later Yahoo Personals USA followed.

Yahoo subscribers were given the opportunity to move their account to the new co-branded / Yahoo website, and I would imagine that many of them did.

Yahoo Personals members received a special offer from, and the two companies worked together to help members easily make the switch to the new program.

With features like a huge membership base, mobile app, personalized matches and a robust on-site search engine, is the premier dating site and has been for a while.

The key ingredient to a successful online dating site is to have a large community of active members. When Yahoo Personals members were integrated into, it grew an already large community of singles into an even larger one.

An enormous database of singles increases the likelihood that you will actually find good matches.

Equally as important to a dating site’s success is to provide the tools necessary to help members find other members that are most ideal.

After all, I’m sure you (or anybody else) don’t want to sit and read through hundreds of profiles to find good matches.

Match has the tools and technology to help you narrow the database of millions down to only those who match your defined criteria.

It’s free to look at profiles and pictures. is not the only big player in the field of online dating. Another major player is…

Next to, eHarmony is probably the most popular online dating site. If you’re absolutely fed up with dating, and want to find true and lasting love, then you at least want to consider joining eHarmony.

eHarmony is best known for its comprehensive system for matching members who join the service.

Prospective members are asked to complete a questionnaire that covers multiple subjects including lifestyle, values, and personal preferences.

When you finish, you’ll receive your personality profile. This profile is the key to the eHarmony engine. It will be used to pair you with members who have similar interests and values.

The eHarmony system will automatically scour the database, compile your better matches and electronically deliver them to through the site and to your e-mail box.

Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to contact any of these members to see if you find a great match.

Try the eHarmony system for free.

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